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My husband and I arrived home on the afternoon of March 29, 2018 and when I opened the door to my house I was met with the sound of water pouring from my upstairs into my my downstairs. As you can well imagine I was in shock and yelled for my husband who was still in the car to come into the house to help me investigate where the water was coming from and to turn off the water. In our investigation we found that a pipe had burst in our upstairs bathroom and the water was pouring into our downstairs.

My whole downstairs was flooded and my newly renovated family room was destroyed and the rest of the downstairs was flooded. In the middle of this disaster all I could think about is turning the water off and then what next, who do I call. The first person I thought about was Bob Keays and Higgins Insurance, who I knew would direct me on what to do. Bob Keays colleague Sharon MacDonald answered my call and was so supportive and guided me on who to contact next and what I needed to do. Immediately I had approval from Sharon and Higgins Insurance to go to a hotel until the water was cleaned up and the destroyed furniture that was soaked with water was removed from our home. Our master bedroom, walk in closet, master bathroom, family room and my office was flooded. Walls and insulation had to be removed, all our flooring removed, the ceiling had collapsed and our pellet stove was destroyed and had to be removed. All personal items not destroyed had to be packed and put in a secure location until the restoration was completed.

System’s Care showed up within the first 30 minutes of my call to set up the machines to start drying up the water and have kept us in the loop of how things were progressing with the removal of things and the restoration. I would also like to acknowledge Susan Meldrum at economical who has been friendly and positive to communicate with over our claim. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Higgins Insurance, Bob Keays and Sharon MacDonald’s weekly calls and check ins throughout this whole ordeal.

Things are not completed yet, but I know everything will be completed to what it was prior to the flood damage. If we had not been with Higgins Insurance I do not know if things would have progressed as well as they did and would highly recommend anyone to consider contacting them for insurance. Dianne