The main duty of the Vice President is to assist the President with anything they are working on if requested, and to attend meetings in their place if necessary. The Vice President has access to all of the same resources as the rest of the executive including access to the union office, the digital resources, paper files, and access to resources provided by CUPE including access to the assigned CUPE National Representative.

Term of Office

  • 2 year term
  • Elected in January of odd years


  • Minimum of a 2 day workshop for signing officers
  • The Vice president is encouraged to take as many CUPE Workshops as possible

Time Commitments

  • This position can have a significant time contribution which may change depending on how things are working between the Union and the Employer.
  • Any meetings with the employer that occur during the work day are paid by the employer.
  • Your Manager is required to let you attend any meeting that is being paid for by the Employer.
  • Minimum personal time commitment 2 hours per week

Bylaw Detailed Description

The Vice-President shall:

  • If the President is absent or not eligible, perform all duties of the President.
  • Preside over membership and Executive Board meetings in the absence of the President.
  • If the office of the President falls vacant, be Acting President until a new President is elected through a by-election.
  • Render assistance to any member of the Executive as directed by the Executive Board.
  • Hold signing authority for the union to ensure that the Local Union’s funds are used only as authorized or directed by the CUPE Constitution, Local Union bylaws, or vote of the membership.

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