The Trustees are responsible for making sure all of the union finances are used in a responsible way as described in the bylaws and CUPE Constitution. CUPE provides guides and reports to follow through to help with the process. While the Trustees are preforming their work the Treasurer and President are available to answer any questions, but not in the room so as to protect the integrity of the trustees work.

Term of Office

  • 3 year term
  • One Trustee is elected every year


  • Minimum of a 2 day workshop for signing officers

Time Commitments

  • 1 day per year
  • Trustees are booked off during a regular work day and paid by the union

Bylaw Detailed Description

The Trustees shall:

  • Act as an auditing committee on behalf of the members and audit the books and accounts of the Secretary-Treasurer, the Recording Secretary, and the committees at least once every calendar year.
  • Make a written report of their findings to the first membership meeting following the completion of each audit.
  • Submit in writing to the President and Secretary-Treasurer any recommendations and/or concerns they feel should be reviewed in order to ensure that the Local Union’s funds, records, and accounts are being maintained by the Secretary-Treasurer in an organized, correct, and proper manner.
  • Be responsible to ensure that monies have not been paid out without proper constitutional or membership authorization.
  • Ensure that proper financial reports have been given to the membership.
  • Audit the record of attendance.
  • Inspect at least once a year, any stocks, bonds, securities, office furniture and equipment, and titles or deeds to property that may at any time be owned by the Local Union, and report their findings to the membership.

Send to the National Secretary-Treasurer, with a copy to the assigned Servicing Representative, the following documents:

  • Completed Trustee Audit Program
  • Completed Trustees’ Report
  • Secretary-Treasurer Report to the Trustees
  • Recommendations made to the President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Local Union
  • Secretary-Treasurer’s response to recommendations
  • Concerns that have not been addressed by the Local Union Executive Board

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