Recording Secretary


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Term of Office

  • 2 year term
  • Elected in January of even years


  • Minimum of a 2 day workshop for signing officers
  • The Recording Secretary is encouraged to take as many CUPE Workshops as possible

Time Commitments

  • This position can have a significant time contribution which may change depending on how things are working between the Union and the Employer.
  • Any meetings with the employer that occur during the work day are paid by the employer.
  • Your Manager is required to let you attend any meeting that is being paid for by the Employer.
  • Minimum personal time commitment 2 hours per week

Bylaw Description

The Recording Secretary shall:

  • Keep full, accurate, and impartial account of the proceedings of all regular or special membership and Executive Board meetings. These records must also include a copy of the full financial report (Executive Board meetings) and the written financial report (membership meetings) presented by the Secretary-Treasurer.  The record will also include Trustees’ reports.
  • Record all amendments and/or additions in the bylaws, and make certain that these are sent to the National President for approval prior to implementing.
  • Answer correspondence and fulfil other administrative duties as directed by the Executive Board.
  • Keep a record of all correspondence received and sent out.
  • Prepare and distribute all notices to members.
  • Have all records ready on reasonable notice for the Trustees or auditors.
  • Preside over membership and Executive Board meetings in the absence of both the President and Vice-President.
  • Be empowered, with the approval of the membership, to employ administrative assistance to be paid for out of the Local Union’s funds.
  • Hold signing authority for the union to ensure that the Local Union’s funds are used only as authorized or directed by the CUPE Constitution, Local Union bylaws, or vote of the membership.
  • Performs other duties required by the Local Union, its bylaws or the National Constitution.

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