Pension Committee Chair


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Term of Office

  • 2 year term
  • Elected in January of even years


  • No specific training is required for this position, but as all positions we encourage you to take as many workshops as desired. Any meal or mileage expenses will be paid by the union.

Time Commitments

  • 2 hours per quarter work time
  • 2 hours per quarter personal time

Bylaw Description

This committee will:

  • Ensure that all pension and benefit provisions are followed as outlined in the Collective Agreement;
  • Attend all pension and benefit committee meetings for the HW pension plan;
  • Endeavour to keep up to date on issues surrounding the HRM Pension Plan as long as there are 1431 members who are part of that plan;
  • Abide by parameters set out in the Collective Agreement with regards to Pension.
  • Ensure members are updated on a regular and timely fashion of any and all potential or active changes to either of the pension plans or benefits.
  • Ensure that its committee members are provided necessary education through both the provisions in the pension plan text and by working with the education committee to ensure CUPE National is providing training through the workshop schedule

The committee members will be the elected chairperson and two (2) members. When attending the pension meetings with the employer, the committee will send the Chairperson and 1 regular member. 1 member will serve as an alternate. The committee shall appoint its secretary from among its members.

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