Education Committee Chair


Encourage members to take CUPE workshops and facilitate their registration . Both the workshops list and the registration are on Access to the CUPE Mailing list will be provided.

Term of Office

  • 2 year term
  • Elected in January of odd years


  • No specific training is required for this position, but as all positions you are encouraged to take as many workshops as desired. Any meal or mileage expenses will be paid by the union.

Time Commitments

  • 1 hour per month

Bylaw Description

This committee will:

  • Gather information about appropriate courses, the availability of courses, and make recommendations to the Local Union on whether or not members should be attending.
  • Assist delegates in the preparation of reports to the membership on seminars and conferences and maintain a reference file of these reports.
  • Cooperate with the National Union Development Department and Communications Branch of CUPE, and with the regional Education Representative, in implementing both the Local Union’s and CUPE’s policies in these fields.
  • Evaluate the needs of the local and, if required request, via their executive liaison, CUPE host local specific workshops that may, or may not be, offered regularly on the CUPE workshop schedule

The committee members will be the elected chairperson and two (2) members. The committee shall appoint its secretary from among its members.

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