Chief Shop Steward


To be the point of contact for members and stewards for information and forwarding possible grievances. To ensure the grievance files and tracking sheet are kept up to date, along with making sure the union  meets necessary timelines.

For example, if a member receives discipline and the union believes that it is in violation of the Collective Agreement or Halifax Water Policies, the union has 20 business days to file a grievance. The Chief will create a grievance number and track the days and investigation so the union does not miss the deadline. Depending on the context, it may be the Chief signing off on the grievance, in other cases it may be the President.

Term of Office

  • 2 year term
  • Elected in January of even years


  • All Stewards are encouraged to take the introduction to stewarding workshop and as many stewarding workshops as possible.
  • Most workshops are over 2 days on a weekend. Any meal or mileage expenses will be paid by the union.

Time Commitments

  • All grievance meetings are during work time
  • 1 hour a week if there are outstanding grievances

Bylaw Description

This committee will:

  • Oversee the handling of all local grievances.
  • Receive copies of all grievances.
  • Prepare a report on the status of all grievances to be submitted to the Executive Board, the National Representative, and to the membership meeting.
  • Be responsible to work toward completing the steward learning series modules. This requires a clear effort to take at least one workshop per season hosted by CUPE National. Every effort will be made by the education committee for the steward to be sent on the workshop most convenient and appropriate for them.
  • Even after completion of all available modules, be responsible to continue to take workshops as refreshers or ones approved by the chair.
  • Be required to forward copies of all workshop certificates to the Recording Secretary as proof of completion.
  • When a grievance is not settled in the initial steps provided for in the collective agreement, this committee will vote on whether or not the grievance should proceed to arbitration.
  • If the decision is to not proceed, the grievor(s) may appeal the decision to the Executive Board.
  • The Executive Board may request the committee conduct another vote on a decision, but is required to give reasoning to support the request.

The committee shall be comprised of:

  • The elected chairperson (to be from here on known as Chief Shop Steward),
  • The current president of the local
  • Three (3) other members to be jointly selected, by the Chief Shop Steward and the executive board, from among the shop stewards.

In the event of a tie, when voting on a grievance, the president will be given a second vote to break the tie. The committee shall appoint its secretary from among its members.  The National Representative assigned to the Local Union shall be a non-voting member of the committee and shall be consulted at all stages.

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