CUPE 2016 Fall Workshops

CUPE’s newest Workshop schedule is now out!

If you wish to apply to take a workshop please read the new CUPE 1431 Education Guidelines and then fill out a Workshop Application. A member of the education committee will contact you after its submission.

For further information on any workshops listed, or if you are interested in taking one that is not currently offered, please contact your education committee.

2016 Fall Workshop Schedule (PDF)

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Memories of Mike

It is from the deepest depths of sadness that I must let you all know that we, CUPE, lost a tremendous and truly loved brother.

CUPE NS acting President, Mike McNeil, passed away suddenly and peacefully in his sleep early in the morning on Saturday, March 12th. Mike was an amazing activist, he was a beloved friend, he was an inspiration to all, and he never backed down from anything to protect what he believed in – the members of CUPE Nova Scotia. He was also a devoted husband, father and grandfather and he loved his family.

As he did with so many of us, Mike led me gently into the labour movement and then he educated, encouraged and backed me up as I navigated my way through. Many of you met Mike, whether it was at a weekend educational, at a weeklong school, during provincial or national conventions, or at one of the many many rallies he attended.

If there are any of you who didn’t meet him before last spring, I’m sure you got to do so on one of our picket lines across the city. Mike visited very frequently to show his support to all of us. He was especially visible at the Cowie Hill line, as he spent many hours walking back and forth in front of the 450 building, proudly carrying his pink CUPE flag.

Yes, Mike was a true activist. And because of that passion and dedication, he was loved and returned that love.  We all lost a champion on Saturday, and many of us lost  a little piece of ourselves as well.

There is a hole in my heart that will never be filled but will always be there to remind me of my brother and my friend.

Rest easy, brother, rest easy.
Heather xo

Heather Corkum
President, CUPE Local 1431

On the Sad Passing of Mike McNeil

There are no words. We have lost an amazing man. Mike was everything – mentor, confidant, activist, brother, friend. He was all of this to everyone. Like many people in the labour movement, Mike was why I got involved. He pushed me, he lifted me, and he cheered me every step of the way. So many of us are lost right now. I’m heartbroken. My sincerest condolences to his family, they have lost all of that and more

Heather Corkum
President CUPE Local 143112042741_10153322478762312_886350243166394377_n